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  5. 1. Fixed DFS special attack. 2. Added support of DFS, mind shield, elemental shield, Ancient wyvern shield, Dragon fire ward and anti-dragon shield at wyverns, you will not take as much damage now and the special abilities of wearing a dragon-fire shield now works just like OSRS. 3. Fixed up shops system for all of the Donator shop items,you may no longer sell the items to "any" shop for PKP. 4. Fixed some grammar in NPC dialogues. 5. Reworked Drop tables once again, they should be pretty close to perfect now. 6. Fixed an issue where it would give you a bugged DFS upon crafting one. 7. Reworked some teleport locations and added teleport functions to multiple objects, doors and ladders which was unuseable. 8. Scorpia was pretty much dead content, I have now added Toxic Staff as a 1/475 drop rate to increase more players to go to deep wilderness. 9. Added a game updates list object ingame like so. https://gyazo.com/c951f77f4cdd7bd503ad303b76a4254f 10. Made a bunch of main bosses immune to venom. 11. Renamed "Whip/DDS" option in duel arena to "Load Preset" - you can use certain additional weapons, just not extreme ones. 12. Added Owner, Manager Head Moderator and forum moderator ranks to the live game, along with their own rank icons. 13. Added functions to clanwars white portal aswell as leaving the white portal to return to the normal clan wars location, currently disabled the purple portals as clan wars backend system is not yet developed. 14. Reworked commands system for the new in-game staff ranks: Owner, Manager and Head Moderator. 15. Re-made the Discord Rich Presence with new graphics, looks much better now: IMAGE LINK HERE. 16. Removed rune claws from hunter caskets as they were extremely bugged and was no point in fixing as they are literally useless. 17. Reworked the death spawn locations. 18. Added a zulrah kill count tracker. 19. Fixed mahogany logs drops at zulrah etc to noted. 20. Fixed a bunch more drops table loots. 21. Added function to Zul-Andra Teleport scrolls. 22. Removed all skilling items from pkp shop and moved to skilling shop. Changed prices of harvesting your own logs. 23. Fixed an Oak Tree at skilling zone which would cause the player to get stuck inside it all the time having to teleport back, simple fix using map editor. 24. Fixed the bank booth at Donator zone causing the bank not to open. 25. Reworked entire edgeville map, changed NPCs and shops locations. 26. Fixed an interface issue with lumbridge guide. 27. Fixed an issue with shops wall where it would allow the player to no-clip through the west wall. 28. Slayer revamp - Changed the amount of PKP you receive when killing any NPC during a slayer task. - Also set reward for completing each task. - Also set a rare chance of reciving an AGS, D claws, Toxic blowpipe or Toxic SOTD to 1 in 5000. 29. Wildy loot keys drop rate increased to 1/125 aswell as a 1 in 250 chance of receiving either AGS, Heavy Ballista or Elder maul. 30. Fixed multiple damage calculation errors. 31. More NPC typo fixes made. 32. Added minimap icons support for quick navigation. 33. Added the base features to the Emblem Trader, his trade option is currently disabled until bounty hunter is 100% added. 34. Fight Pits has been added - use the minigame teleport. 35. A major exploit regarding all bosses has been patched. https://gyazo.com/e63a364913150cb8f6e015043c61eade https://gyazo.com/903f92d8d634f0e04d0a7ecf812102c3 https://gyazo.com/8d5d990b90e23b29b1979ad0cbd84ad6 https://gyazo.com/cb09c53c95b8c7b2ce4da85218eacf14 Edgeville Home Revamp - Added minimap Icons to display places much better. - Changed Shops Location. - Moved Hans to north-east of the bank. - Added Emblem Trader currently disabled as a trade option until I fully implement bounty hunter 100%. Some pictures below of the new map for ya ❤️ https://i.gyazo.com/e8f7b0679acc63054001957ae78cef1e.png https://i.gyazo.com/f0309cb33d2bd98bfc1c385080216933.png https://i.gyazo.com/cf1838c3def54d62308bd19b9eeeed51.png RevengePS Development Team
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