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  1. Niggas in paris.

  2. Name: Zonz Username: Ayoub Age: 17 Where are you from?: EGY Time zone: GMT +2 How many hours can you spend daily in game?: 3-5 Hours per day. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I'm expierenced from other servers where i held ss positions for as long as i played. I can put aside my own opinion about any argument or issue and help unbiased. why should we choose you over others: I've Started playing this server in August-July 2017 and loved it! But here recently I feel there has become some "issues" between certain players that have made this place less appealing to me. I aim to help repair the differences between them along with helping players out since most of the time when i'm online there is no other staff members available. I've been SS on a few other servers but none have been as successful as this one. There may be times that I don't know what to do but i'm willing to put in my time and effort to learn. How long have you played Revenge PS? since it released.
  3. Ayoub

    Starter guide

    Thanks for makin it.
  4. Ayoub

    Price list

    Appreciate it man
  5. Ayoub


  6. Welcome bro see u around da game ❤️
  7. It's not a custom server :FP:
  8. Goodluck w getting staff
  9. Goodluck broski ❤️
  10. Cool one, keep it up.
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