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    1. Added ::topic/::thread/::board NUMBER. 2. Deleted useless "::rule" and replaced it with "::rules" which opens our forums rules topic. 3. Added "::" to the start of every command inside of ::commands. 4. Added staff to Clan Chat Moderators. 5. Crystal Shield was broken you couldn't equip it. 6. Done some client updates. 7. Reworked starter kit in the bank, less messy and allows players to be an ironman and gain access to axe's and pickaxes etc. 8. Reworked some NPC Dialogues. 9. Some typo issues corrected. RevengePS Development Team
  2. Great application, although you did only join up a few days ago I’d like to give it a bit of time so you get used to the game and to see how active you’re. We will keep the application and review it when we do the next staff update.
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