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  1. Maiden


    Name: Jevgeni Username: Maiden Age:23 Where are you from?: Estonia Time zone: UTC+2 EET Eastern European Time How many hours can you spend daily in game?: 2-4+ Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I like server, and want help new player! why should we choose you over others: Im active and friendly players What are some useable skills you have?: i help alot. Staff Experience: 2 time had supporter. How long have you played Revenge PS? 33 days. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: Help, and keep eye for player. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? respect. Do you understand breaking any rules will result in your staff position being terminated? Yes.
  2. Maiden

    Price list

    ARMOURS: Dharok's set 11,5k pkp (in shops) Verac's set 7,5k pkp (in shops) Guthan's set 9k pkp (in shops) Torag's set 6,5k pkp (in shops) Karil's set 9k pkp (in shops) Ahrim's set 8,7k pkp (in shops) Bandos set 50k pkp Armadyl set 55k pkp Vesta's set 300-350k pkp Statius's set 300k pkp Morrigan's set 150-175k pkp Zuriel's set 250k pkp Primordial boots 35-50k pkp pegassion bots 35-50k pkp Eternal boots 35-50k pkp Dragonfire shield 40k pkp Spectral spirit shield 150k pkp Arcane spirit shield 250-350k pkp Elysian spirit shield 800k-1,2m pkp Serpantine helm 35k pkp WEAPONS Armadyl godsword 75-100k Bandos godsword 20k Zamorak godsword 20k Saradomin godsword 35k Dragon claws 150-200k Dragon hunter lance 250-300k Elder maul 100k Dragon crossbow's 12k (in shops) Armadyl crossbow's 50k heavy ballista 75k Toxic blowpipe 125-150k Toxic staff of deth 100k Zuriel's staff 80k Statius's war-hammer 100k Vesta's longsword 175-200k Dragon war-hammer 80-100k Kodai wand 200k JEWELERY Torture amulet 25k Anguish neckle 25k Tormentod brace 25k Berserker ring 5k Archer ring 5k Seers ring 5k Brimstone ring 35-50k ring of suffering 10k amulet of fury 10k Ring of god 5k Tyranical ring 5k Treasonous ring 5k Goves Ferocious gloves 250k RARES Blue partyhat 700k White partyhat 700k Green partyhat 700k Yellow partyhat 700k Red partyhat 700k Purple partyhat 700k RAINBOW PARTYHAT 2,5-3M pkp Red h'weenmask 250k Blue h'weenmask 250k Green h'weenmask 250k Santa hat's 250k 3Rd age melee set 650k 3rd age ranger set 500k 3rd mage set 600k
  3. Maiden

    Starter guide

    Hi, Welcome to Money making Guide. one of the best method its Revenants. join and chose PKER mode. After that Take the same setup! and Tele to ::chins and go north to revenant cave. so i kill 2100 revenants and got like 1,4m PKP
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