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  1. Never met him but thanks for the service lol
  2. Vippy

    Blood Key Guide

    Bloody Key Guide The Bloody key currently spawns at 5 different locations. The time of it's spawn can be found within the client doing ::event. Bandit Camp - Quickest teleport is ::wests and run north east Chaos Temple - Quickest teleport is ::tds and run south Chaos Dwarfs- There are many routes to this on listed below are 2 ::venenatis and ::Tds you can also come via ::gdz/::Callisto Rogue's Castle - Quickest teleport is ::chaos and head inside the castle to the back Lava Bridge - Quickest teleport is ::chaos and head north east FAQ - To Loot the key you must be level 126 combat Once you loot the key you will be - Teleport blocked for 2 minute when the key is picked up. - Unable to protect item - Unable to be boxed ( if you take 10 or more constant 0's for damage in singles you will take lethal damage) Loot- The blood key gives you 10k pkp reward plus the chance at a items such as AGS *PLEASE NOTE* I did not make this guide, I am reposting as it's useful.
  3. Vippy

    Forums Giveaway!

    👀 this still going?,
  4. Dragon claws, 2nd in game at 31 KC Also got pet for the revs Nothing huge but 10kc I got this and on 13 KC I got pet
  5. Vippy


    Hello, Thought i'd do small quick intro... Im vippy lol, been on server few days now hopefully start advertising soon and pickng up on playerbase so the game is more enjoyable. look forwarding to meet you
  6. Vippy

    Price list

    Very useful, hopefully this is updated regularly with servers eco
  7. Vippy

    Starter guide

    Nice guide bro, I would explain how to get the pkp from stattuets though I struggled at first didn't read the automatic message after the drop lol
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