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Some Suggestions/ Small fixes''

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Hello Staff team,

After playing 3/4 days i noticed a couple of things that got me asking why?
First of al i want to start with the fixes.

- The spikey chain in the slayer tower does not work, You cant go up or either down.

- Looting bag does not open. You can not open the looting bag to automaticly put it in your looting bag. So basicly atm it works as followed. Pick the item up click on the item then click on the looting bag.. 

- Alching gives you coins it automaticly drops on the ground prob better giving you noting.

- F keys and other settings that you make on your client get removed ones in a while i do not know why this is happening but its frustrating. 

- Revs do not automaticly hit wearing a bracelet atm has no point. Besides that the revs are not correctly coded. Missing alot of revs and agro. 




- I noticed that skilling gives you skilling tokens. The amount of tokens you get with just slayer (not tested the rest of the skills) is very low. The shop only has customs. Noting special that relates to PVP or high lvl gear'' I understand that this is used to skilling and the shop has only SKILLING items.. But maybe add a option that you can swap skilling tokens into PK TICKETS. I think this would be great cause PKT is the main currency.

- People are off on the weekend so it means most of the time people will be playing on weekends. I was hoping that there would be more events in the weekends. I was thinking as followed.
There should be more hotzones (getting double PKT every kill).   
Saturday or Sunday (Double XP for the pvmers or hard mode accounts)
Saturday or Sunday (More bloodkeys tourny's maybe (07 gp tourny's ones the server gets bigger) 
Friday night (Increase drop rate 15% for 3 hours on everything) to start the eco going.

- PKT shop. As everyone noticed the PKT shop is terrible. There should be way more items in this shop to make pking more actractive. Atm everything is only obtainable by pvming. While its mainly a pk server. 80% of the bosses are in the wild. 

- Remove ONYX drops and make monster drop a fury. Like demonics drop Torture and Anguish i see no point that other monsters drop a ONYX you really want people to train crafting to make those fury's? I guess not should just be a Fury just like demonics drop Torture and Anguish. 

- Mage Arena (2) capes should be sellable. I noticed that theyse capes drop alot and are kept on death. You cant trade them what is good. But atleast make them sellable to a store (advice put them for 2.5k)

- This server should have a general store next to the lottery what buys everything of you straight away. Quick sell to that guy. Think this is a must for most of the people. 

- The wildy keys. I had 5 keys i farmed them in 4 days. I have used all 4 keys and got noting. Idk or this is coded but there should be a list on forums about theyse keys. ''What items can you get of theyse keys with a list'' I feel like the RNG is very low.. 

- Blood keys i have picked up a amount of 14 bloodkeys and got a total of 12 spirit shields 2 blessed ones. I guess this is something that has RNG aswell i hope this can be increased.. 

- Crystal keys theyse keys are in the vote shop but n1 knows exactly what you can get of them. Add a list on forums with the drops you can obtain. 

- Pet store remove this whole store and everything in it. Add a pet box to the donor store for 10$ and make it a gamble. High on bad pets low on hardest pets. I think this is way effectiver for the server and you as owner. More people will donate because they just want a pet. The curruncy of this shop is a ?? aswel. Someone should make a list about all theyse things. 

- Many people even me are Multi logging atm. This should be allowed i do not see any reason for this to not be allowed. Even do there should be a detective system that stops you from going into the wild with 2 accounts. To avoid Multi loggin at keys and PVM and PK (Freez/TB). 

- Remove the Avernic defender from the slayer store. This defender should be rare and obtainable from a boss not from a store. If you choose to not do this atleast remove it from the jungle demon no point farming it. 

- Make a command that shows us what drop rate increase event is going atm. Sometimes i logg in and i dont see what event is going on. Only thing i see is (WORLD EVENT HAS ENDED) ::Events and add up witch monsters to kill for the event. 

- Remove double xp from voting store and add a automaticly double xp of 2 hours everytime you vote.

- The voting page shows up 1 vote point each page but you only get 2 votes for voting on 6/8 pages. (BS)


I think the people who have a rank on this server should take there time to post some information on the forums. Mostly about keys and drops obtainable. Knowledge is everything if people dont know what to farm for or aim for there playing blindly. Give them a reason to farm something 😉


I will add more things when i notice it. Im a hard mode player so give me time :).
Sorry for my english and grammer. I'm trying to explain things the best way i can 🙂 





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