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Blood Key Guide

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latest?cb=20160721155508 Bloody Key Guide latest?cb=20160721155508

The Bloody key currently spawns at 5 different locations. The time of it's spawn can be found within the client doing ::event.

Bandit Camp - Quickest teleport is ::wests and run north east


Chaos Temple - Quickest teleport is ::tds and run south


Chaos Dwarfs- There are many routes to this on listed below are 2 ::venenatis and ::Tds you can also come via ::gdz/::Callisto


Rogue's Castle - Quickest teleport is ::chaos and head inside the castle to the back


Lava Bridge - Quickest teleport is ::chaos and head north east 




- To Loot the key you must be level 126 combat 

Once you loot the key you will be

- Teleport blocked for 2 minute when the key is picked up.

- Unable to protect item

- Unable to be boxed ( if you take 10 or more constant 0's for damage in singles you will take lethal damage)

Loot- The blood key gives you 10k pkp reward plus the chance at a items such as AGS



I did not make this guide, I am reposting as it's useful.


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